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Block Club Chicago

I provided in-depth coverage of the 43rd Ward aldermanic election, in which five candidates were vying to unseat a mayor-appointed alderman. The race involved a lot of different characters, tons of money and some mud-slinging. The top two candidates are currently in a runoff election.

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Block Club Chicago

I covered a week-long jury trial stemming from a defamation lawsuit filed by a former high school principal, who claimed he was defamed by Chicago Public Schools after scandal erupted within the athletics program. 


Block Club Chicago

I spent more than a year covering a group of neighbors who rallied to save nearly 30 trees that the city flagged for removal. The city said the trees needed to be cut down to replace the underlying water main. But after months of pressure from neighbors and news coverage, the city found a way to spare every tree.

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Block Club Chicago

Dan Wolf, a Holocaust survivor and owner of beloved restaurant The Bagel, was a local leader who helped build up Lakeview East's business chamber. He was also known for his generosity, taking care of his employees like family and using The Bagel to feed homeless people. "He was just a real mensch," one worker said.


Block Club Chicago

I spent the morning after Election Day with Alderman-Elect Bennett Lawson, who is succeeding his boss and long-time Ald. Tom Tunney in Chicago's 44th Ward. We discussed how he plans to follow Tunney's legacy while addressing crime and rebuilding in the wake of the pandemic.

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