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Block Club Chicago

I looked over the LGBTQ rights platforms and track records of both candidates in the 2023 Chicago mayoral race. Paul Vallas has been accused of a quarter-century-long pattern" of anti-LGBTQ actions, but was endorsed by the city's first gay mayor. Brandon Johnson was endorsed by a group of LGBTQ officials and Equality Illinois.

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Chicago Sun-Times

I dug into Chicago police records and court documents to find that a prominent security firm within the city's LGBTQ community was owned by a cop accused of a racist attack in 2013. This reporting, along with pressure from activists, led to Walsh Security being dropped by the city's largest LGBTQ community center and the annual Pride Festival.

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Block Club Chicago

Han Training is a trans- and Asian-owned gym in Chicago that offers an inclusive space for people of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities and abilities to work out. Owner Minky Kim has created an environment where people who traditionally don't feel welcome at gyms can get in touch with their inner-strength and gender euphoria.

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Block Club Chicago

Gloria Allen, known as Mama Gloria by the younger LGBTQ people she mentored, was a Black, transgender activist in Chicago who recently died at 76. I was preparing a profile of Gloria in the weeks leading up to her death, and talked to her about her upbringing, advocacy and legacy.

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Block Club Chicago

I profiled a gay couple from Chicago who moved downstate to live out a new life as farmers. They've faced a steep learning curve, inclement weather and occasional homophobia, but the couple says their adventure has been a dream and already completed their first season of harvesting chilis.

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Block Club Chicago

I wrote obituaries for Brianna Hamilton and Disaya Monaee Smith, two Black, transgender women who were murdered in Chicago in 2021. I talked to their friends and family and learned Brianna was a talented makeup artist, while Disaya dreamed of becoming a hairstylist. They're deaths are among a spike in anti-trans murders seen across Chicago and countrywide.

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