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Block Club Chicago

I covered LGBTQ+ issues and support in a historic election of nine LGBTQ+ alderpeople, making Chicago's City Council the gayest in the country.
I also wrote a deep dive into the LGBTQ+ rights platforms of both mayoral candidates, Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas.

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Windy City Times

I'm covering the 2024 Democratic National Convention through the LGBTQ+ lens as a freelancer for the Windy City Times. I'm covering everything from planned protests to the significance of LGBTQ+ representation at the convention.

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Chicago Sun-Times

I dug into Chicago police records and court documents to find that a prominent security firm within the Chicago's LGBTQ+ community was owned by a cop accused of a racist attack in 2013. This reporting, along with pressure from activists, led to Walsh Security being dropped by the city's largest LGBTQ+ community center and the annual Pride Festival.


Block Club Chicago

I covered the fallout from an incident involving a racist puppet show that happened during a longstanding leather bar's 45th anniversary party.

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Block Club Chicago

Employees accused Howard Brown Health of violating labor law as they push for a union contract and said the layoffs reduce critical health services for vulnerable people. Organization leaders say they are trying to close a $12 million shortfall.

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