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LGBTQ+ Politics In Chicago's 2023 Election

I covered LGBTQ+ issues and support in a historic election of nine LGBTQ+ alderpeople, making Chicago's City Council the gayest in the country. I also wrote a deep dive into the LGBTQ+ rights platforms of both mayoral candidates, Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas.

gayest city council.png

Photos: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

Queer Families Series

I celebrated Pride Month in 2023 by writing a five-part series profiling queer families — chosen and biological — across Chicago. I wrote about:


Photo: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

Walsh Security Investigation

I dug into Chicago police records and court documents to find that a prominent security firm within the Chicago's LGBTQ+ community was owned by a cop accused of a racist attack in 2013. This reporting, along with pressure from activists, led to Walsh Security being dropped by the city's largest LGBTQ+ community center and the annual Pride Festival.


Anti-Trans Violence In Chicago

I wrote obituaries for Brianna Hamilton and Disaya Monaee Smith, two Black transgender women who were murdered in Chicago. They are among several transgender women to be murdered in Chicago within the past few years, and their deaths are among a spike in murders of trans people seen across the country.

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