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Block Club Chicago

McCoy’s incredible home gallery spans five decades and features many Black artists from Chicago, part of an effort to preserve the work of local creators.

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Windy City Times

LGBTQ+ representation at the DNC could reach new heights this year, building on decades of work to make sure the community was included in the Democratic Party's platform.


Block Club Chicago

Boots, an underground dance party known for popping up in unconventional spaces across Chicago, took the party above ground for its 2-year celebration at Metro.

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Photo by Anneasha

Block Club Chicago

I wrote about a queer Rogers Park couple who found stability and love during uncertain times. This was part of my LGBTQ+ Families series.

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Photo by Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

Block Club Chicago

Berlin Nightclub, which closed in 2023 after 40 years in business, was home to generations of LGBTQ+ people and others who wanted an alternative to the existing bars.

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